reDesign: The Art of Transformation

A time when many are looking at making changes in their lives, perhaps reinventing their style, creating new looks for themselves and their homes. We are all watching our spending habits in this economy however so the thought of introducing a new you and bringing out your lifestyle personality through a home makeover, remodel or interior update may turn that beautiful smile into that “other” look, the one that causes wrinkles. We certainly do not want THAT and it’s too early to be depressed so I thought what better way to start off the year than talk about how to maximize the power of your decorating dollar through Interior Redesign. Which simply stated is the art of transforming your home utilizing the fabulous furnishings and accessories you already have.

Ok…admit it…how many of you are HGTV junkies? Through these shows, mine included, the design world has come alive with so many new and exciting ways to design and decorate. Often times those featured transformations involve crews of contractors and weeks of work and, sometimes, entail large budgets. Anyone who has done a home renovation knows in the end it’s well worth it but what’s the secret to affordable updates? Redesign! You actually can rejuvenate your home using everything you already own…all in a day!

I could use designer lingo and give you a bit of direction in terms of balance and proportion but simply put it’s just about placing your things in the right spot to give you that “designer” look. As a Designer a lot of where and how I place furnishings and accessories is instinctual. Here are a few inexpensive redesign tips to help start your year off reNEWed.

  • rePaint: The number one and easiest way to change your look on a budget.
  • reArrange: Determine a room’s focal point, arrange to compliment keeping function in mind.
  • reUpholster: Changing fabrics can update your entire look.
  • reFinish: Accessories, furniture, cabinetry can be given a new life and look brand new!
  • reAccessorize: Your accessories should compliment your room just as jewelry does an outfit.
  • reEnergize: You can create an energy and balance in your life through the art of placement.

Start off this New Year creatively and give Redesign a try, either on your own or with the help of an experienced designer. You may be pleasantly surprised at how it can change the look and feel of your home and how it changes YOU!



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