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2011 Design Trends

Although we are seeing more contemporary and modern style renovations, warming up the house remains to be a strong request and 2011 trends are bringing us an “earthiness meets modern” feel. Not Rustic…more Mediterranean or better described as Spanish Modern. The trend is towards warm colors with a broken in feel yet clean, organized and streamlined. Think “Distressed meets Polished.”

More people are entertaining at home these days. Creating our outdoor spaces into living spaces is becoming quite popular. And opening up our indoor rooms to allow more flexibility and to modernize our home is a remodel trend we’ll be seeing a lot of.

Entertaining more at home isn’t the only thing we’re doing. We are also WORKING more from our homes. Multi-functional living spaces are being created with an emphasis on industrial flair. Designing with clean lines and introducing the trend of geometrics is a way to help achieve this look.

Many of us have experienced a great deal of stress over the past couple of years. A welcome design trend for 2011 is to turn our bathrooms Zen-like. Think in-home Spa…relaxing, soothing, a place to escape. Bathroom remodels are on the rise. The economy plays into this as bathrooms are less expensive to remodel yet are a space we occupy daily and should feel de-stressed in.

A rundown of Design Trends wouldn’t be complete without mentioning color. Tribal feels and earthy tones will remain strong, however Pantone has introduced Honeysuckle as it’s #1 pick for 2011. A vibrant, energetic pink that’s far from calm. It is interesting and inviting however, and screams “fresh start”.



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