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Modernizing – Personalizing – Mesmerizing

Often times I get calls from those who need a little guidance and support with bringing their design vision to fruition. They know what it is they like, know what they want, yet just aren’t certain how to bring it all together. Part of designing a home involves bringing out personality.

Figuring out that personality is the important first phase of a design interview. Sometimes this can take several hours and a great bottle of Pinot Noir. Okay, that’s not the truth, just an excuse. When a client already has that sense of style, feel and personality that they want to incorporate into their project, my job is simply to help them achieve it. It’s interesting for me to work with someone who absolutely knows what they want. Their vision is expressed to me passionately and they are excited to put a personal stamp on their transformation. Always makes me smile. Walking them through that vision with professional guidance is where the inspiration and fun begins.

A style that has become more sought after is Modern Design. This look can be truly transformational and realistically economical. Modern design themes came about as a rejection of other more ornate design styles and offered something new for those wanting the simple, minimalist look. Modern can be edgy, clean and sleek, yet remain comfortable and inviting. Bold, strong and sexy, some love it, some do not. But it’s a style that can be intimidating to create. Modern Design is truly an artistic statement. For those looking to introduce this personality into their living spaces, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind, although applications can vary greatly.

  • The use of bold color is especially important when modernizing. Color can be introduced through the form of accent walls and accessories. A simple splash may be all you need.
  • Flooring selections such as dark wood, low pile carpet and cool contemporary porcelain tiles can be used alone or in combination to create dramatic flooring affects.
  • White sinks and chrome fixtures are striking against dark counters and cabinets.
  • Lighting will always take center stage in the world of Modern Design as contemporary lighting is full of artistic flair.
  • Furniture and accessories are clean, solid and chic. One of my favorites…the wall mounted electric fireplace! It’s insanely conversational and functional.

Personalizing while modernizing…it’s inviting, inspirational and fun! Perhaps a bit challenging and for some a total transformation however if you are looking to bring out personality this is a creative way to let yours shine. It’s a look you will want to come home to!




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