Accessorize Bathrooms with Stylish Rugs

Accessorize Bathrooms with Stylish Rugs

Our bathrooms have become more than just functional spaces. They are stylish, relaxing, inviting spaces that help us unwind and decompress from busy days. We are putting a lot of thought into turning our bathrooms into spa like retreats and they have become focal points of our Master Suites. A perfect finishing touch to any bathroom is the Bath Rug. There are plenty of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from so be creative and try something new and different. Here are a few ideas:


Immerse yourself in a fur like Shag rug. These rugs are elegant, warm and cozy.

They are available in a variety of fashionable colors and have irresistible softness. Many of these luxurious rugs are machine washable too! Try one in a soft neutral or bright white to add a spa like feel.

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Patterned rugs aren’t just for your dining and living rooms anymore. Add personality to your bathroom with rugs that have pattern, color and texture. There are so many versatile designs, colors and materials to choose from today. Patterned rugs are perfect for kids bathrooms or if your bathroom see’s a lot of traffic. These rugs hide stains great.


Round bath rugs add a lot of interest and can be wonderful space fillers. Varied shapes are available so they don’t necessarily need to be perfectly round. There are plenty of shapes to choose from in all styles. Shapes can create a character change for your bathroom bringing whimsy, funky or traditional looks to the space.


Your bathroom deserves the same attention as other rooms in your home. Whether remodeling your entire bathroom or simply updating a few things, be sure to include this important accessory. Bath rugs are affordable and an easy way to change up your look and they help us keep our bathrooms safe! They absorb water and keep our floors slippery free. They add warmth and luxury, style and comfort. When choosing the rug that’s right for you make sure they are suitable for the your space. Decide what you want to accomplish in your bathroom and choose colors and styles to enhance your look. And make sure they are bathroom friendly, easy to wash and maintain.


Denise Teichert Krogman, Allied ASID



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