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Color and Interiors

I’d like to inspire you to view your home as more than mere protection from the elements and encourage you to view ordinary living space in new, innovative and creative ways.

Let’s say you are having company. Better yet, let’s assume you are “expecting” yourself. The place is clean and in order. (In my case, that would mean I’d have no clock assembly going down the hallway, cans of paint in my entryway, or sample boards and fabric sprawled over my pool table.) Starting at your front door, walk into each room of your home, paying close attention to the atmosphere and feeling that each room conveys. Now ask yourself the following questions:
Which colors predominate the room?

Is there a general color that is repeated throughout the house?
Do the main colors reflect your personality accurately?

Color is the most important single ingredient in preparing a scheme for your home, and in itself costs nothing! Attractive colors cost no more than drab ones. When I am working with an individual, deciding on a color scheme, there are several things to consider:
What are the favorite colors of the person or people using that room?

Is the room itself cold, dark, warm, large or small? What is the room used for? Should it be stimulating, relaxing or inspirational?

Color and decorative finishes can give your room individuality…personality! Deciding which color and finish to choose for your home, however, can be incredibly overwhelming. As an Interior Designer, it is my job to enhance simple shelters by applying paint imaginatively to create aesthetically pleasing home environments. I achieve this through faux finishes, painted surfaces, children’s murals and unique functional art.

When deciding upon a decorative finish, often we must do something most of us find challenging…trust our instincts. Color selection is a personal experience. There is no right or wrong. When creating your decorative schemes, keep in mind the colors and finishes you choose will reflect your own unique personality and taste. So show yourself and your home off to the fullest and most colorful, making sure you use colors sympathetic to your character. For those wanting a little direction, here are a few forecast trends:

  • Technology driven colors with fabrics that shimmer
  • High-gloss lacquered finishes
  • Color-washed metallics and gilding
  • Luxurious textiles paired with hides
  • Eco consciousness…eco friendly products
  • Mixing old with new.

Teichert Design Group is happy to assist you in your wall treatment and color selections from choosing simple color washes to more polished surfaces of stucco lustro, trompe l’oeil, marbles, frescos and hand painted papers.



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