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Contemporary Decorating


Create Modern Looks You Can Live With


Confused by contemporary? Often compared to modern, contemporary shares similarities yet offers its differences. Developed in the latter half of the 20th century, contemporary features consist of softer lines and comfortable textures. The colors used are warm and rich, not as stark as seen in modern décor, a bit more inviting however still very clean. If you love sleek lines and hate clutter, are trendier, modern in your approach to art, like simple with a touch of flair…your decorating personality most likely leans toward that of contemporary style.

Today’s contemporary look is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that work together to create a sophisticated, fresh feel. With this style of decorating comes an emphasis on “clutter-free”. That’s not always easy in our busy households. To achieve this look it’s important to stick to a few basic rules. And for those wanting to create a contemporary feel but have been living in another style, there needs to be an infusion, an introduction of your new look. Keep simplicity as your driving force when working with your new plan. Nothing should be overpowering or try to make a statement on its own. Here are a few guidelines to follow when creating a contemporary flair:

FURNITURE: Keep your lines clean, however gentle curves are ok. Exposed wood and metal as well as blended mediums are the norm. Upholstery should be smooth.

FABRICS: Plain with little or no pattern. Think solid and chic. Avoid trims and tassels. Although you should avoid prints, 2-tones work great. An example is a bold zebra print or stripe pattern.

COLOR: Infusion of vibrant color can come from accent walls, accessories, pillows. A tone on tone color palette is perfect. Rely heavily on browns, taupes, creams and pure whites with shots of color. Soft and warm but vibrant accent colors are the real key.

ACCESSORIES: In contemporary decorating there’s not a lot of room for extras…streamline! Bright metals are an important element. Frames should be high gloss or black matte, natural, wood or metal.

LIGHTING: This takes center stage in the world of contemporary decorating. Fixtures are extremely important and should make their own artistic statement. The right illumination will draw attention to key features. Look for well designed track lighting and choose floor lamps over table.

WINDOWS: Simple, straight lines, little fuss. That’s it!

FLOORING: Sleek and sexy. Polished concrete, wood, low pile carpets and stone.

LINE AND SPACE: High ceilings, bare windows, architectural details, use of bold colors are all important in your contemporary spacial planning. Bare wall spaces between furniture become equally important when accessorizing. Remember…less is more!

CONTEMPORARY TEXTURES: Avoid intricate detail on all surfaces. Wood tone can be dark or light but should remain consistent. Avoid patterns on your walls.


Contemporary decorating is not for everyone. It may be that you just want one room in your home to have that modern edge. Or, perhaps you’re an eclectic personality, you like a variety of periods and styles in your home. Please remember, your home is YOUR sanctuary. There is no right or wrong when choosing your style but knowing your style and how to present it will give you confidence in your décor selections.

Denise Teichert Krogman



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