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Retro Style

Retro Style

Looking for a little blast from your past? Forget searching for your old sweetheart on Facebook. Go down memory lane in style…Retro Style!

Retro1What’s old is new again! Transforming a living space to a throwback in time is easy, fun and inexpensive. If you are partial to the way homes used to be, miss your baby blue shag carpet, avocado and rust color combinations or black and white checkered flooring then this style is for you!

The look is easy to replicate. For design inspiration, turn to the past. Research old magazines and catalogs online or at the library. Raid your Grandma’s house, hit the antique stores and check out Ebay. True retro is bold, bright and streamlined. There are no rules to follow and you can mix and match decades or stick to one period. All you need is a bit of research and a passion for the past.

Retro2Floor and Furnishings

Streamlined and clean

Materials used: formica, plastics, chrome and pine

Shag carpet, bean bags and blow up furniture (remember that!)


Color ~ Color ~ Color

Everywhere in any combination on everything!

Color your walls, furnishings and even appliances (which is making a huge comeback)




Look for at antique stores

Clocks in every room and the odder the shape and size the better (I have a great connection for you on this…wink, wink)

Patterns and lots of them! The quirkier the better

Don’t forget your incense sticks!




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