2016 Bathroom Trends

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Bathroom updates continue to dominate even over kitchens remodels. Those that are buying new and those that are doing single room renovations are looking at their bathrooms first. If you are getting ready to jump on the bath update bandwagon, here are current and future trends to look at.

  • Traditional Styles are still holding their fair share but the trend is towards Transitional and Contemporary Designs.
  • Metallics! In our fixtures, tiles and even sinks! Brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze are still popular but don’t forget rose gold and copper. Mix and match metallics for an updated, contemporary look.
  • Modern larger ceramic and porcelain tiles and less grout! This is easier maintenance and a clean look.
  • Spa-like Designs are very popular. Think open, airy, light, bright and white.
  • Showers… They have become main focal points and are often times replacing existing tubs. They are beautifully designed with shower seats, lighting, state of the art fixtures and frameless glass. Because many seniors are opting for showers over tubs, they are being designed curb-less and accessible with optional grab bars.
  • Under mount sinks are still our first choice. Larger single sinks are replacing some of our double sink designs. These Trough sinks offer a great deal of design and task flexibility.
  • Square shaped fixtures and shower heads are showing up. Angular shaped designs are hot and work great with our Modern, Contemporary and Transitional styles.
  • Bathtubs are declining in popularity and many are being abandoned for walk in showers. Free standing soaking tubs however are preferred for those wanting their tub. They offer flexibility in design and come in many styles.
  • Raised panel cabinetry and open shelving is what we are seeing in our vanities. It’s sleek and contemporary.
  • Technology & Water Efficiency is always on the rise. Low flush and self scrubbing toilets, blue tooth enabled water resistant music, high tech water efficient shower heads…and we will be seeing much more!
  • Let’s not forget Color trends!
    • White is the top color…White fixtures, white tiles, white accessories. And it works with all styles!
    • Gray has been trendy for the past few years and is still going strong. Gray and White combined is very popular. Just be sure to watch your undertones when working with your existing color palette. Grays can have blue, green and brown undertones just to name a few.
    • Black…yes black is being used by our trendsetters in combinations with White and Gray.
    • Accent colors are great, especially when used as your accessory color with your White, Gray or Combo color schemes. Purple in all shades seems to be making a big splash.
    • Beige is on the Decline. It hasn’t quite died and there are still folks using it but when updating just be careful with how you introduce Beige. Pair it with trendy colors such as Gray and Taupe for an updated appearance. And be sure to add trendy bath accessories to keep it fresh.

A few splashy trends for 2016 that will spill over into 2017. I hope you find them fun and helpful. Keep in mind that when you get ready to dive into your bathroom remodel project the trend that really matters is YOURS! What’s important is that YOU love it and the style you ultimately go for fits your personality!

Happy Updating!



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