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2017 Bathroom Trends: Designs, Materials, Colors

2017 Bathroom Trends

Designs, Materials, Colors


Bathroom renovations are on the rise and will continue throughout the next year. These small yet important rooms in our homes are finally getting the attention they deserve. Our bathroom designs are well balanced and carefully planned going into the next year as we introduce clean lines, simple layouts and cozy and elegant surroundings.

We’ll be seeing natural, functional designs that are clutter free. No cord designs are taking center stage. Hair dryers and curling iron’s electrical can be hidden right inside the drawers they are stored in. And medicine cabinets can house the electrical for your shavers and toothbrush’s as well as USB outlets for your devices.

We’ll be seeing smaller, more intimate bathroom spaces. Minimalistic approaches to fit the Urban Lifestyle and the every growing population of those that are downsizing. Floating vanities are perfect for creating an open space feel and open shelves in lieu of closed storage are functional yet open and airy.

Statement showers whether large or small are all the rage. They have become the focal point of our bathrooms. Trending decorative stone, tile and wood, expansive shampoo boxes, bench seats and frameless shower doors bring creative interest and spa like luxury to our bathroom designs.



Bold combinations of wood and stone combined with synthetic materials will be in abundance. Timeless materials such as Marble will still be prevalent in our floors, walls, counters and sinks. Easy to maintain marble looks in quartz and silestone will be a great option for those wanting the look of marble without the maintenance headaches. As the look of marble still remains popular we are seeing a trend toward the warmth of wood. Wood like materials such as porcelain wood tiles are increasing in popularity, giving us richness and extreme durability.

Antique brass plumbing and lighting fixtures are on trend. Yes, everything eventually comes back around. However the brass we will be seeing today is more luxurious and understated than the bright brasses of yesterday.

Geometric shaped tiles and dimensional shaped tiles will offer endless possibilities for our floor and wall designs. Hexagon tiles have been a long lasting trend and will continue do be. Larger sized tiles and stone panels requiring less grout will be making it’s way to the design forefront as well.

Granite as been the standard luxury counter top for years but Quartz is the new material on trend. It’s scratch, stain and scorch resistant, mimics natural stone and comes in a variety of patterns and colors. High style laminates are also making a comeback as a lower cost alternative.



Our colors for the new year are going to be clean, earthy and combined. The Gray trend will continue and darker shades of gray will start to prevail. Pairing them with mattes, nudes and neutrals will be the way to go. Dark earthy greens are trending, however use sparingly in your Master Baths or anywhere you plan to put your makeup on. The classic look of black and white is still a hit for 2017. Combining gray with a black and white theme is a creative, inviting look. For those wanting to add a bit of boldness to this neutral combination, bring in bright, natural colors in greens, blues and ambers though your decorative accessories.

Happy New Year!
Denise Teichert Krogman, Allied ASID



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