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How Do You Like to Hang… 6 Ways to Hang Your Bathroom Towels

How Do You Like to Hang…

6 Ways to Hang Your Bathroom Towels

Hooks, bars, racks or rings…these are just a few products we use to hang our bathroom towels on. Choosing how we hang our towels is an important decision when designing our bathrooms. The products we pick should add visual interest to the space but also be functional.

There are so many options in every style, shape, size and color imaginable. How do you begin to choose what’s best for you? The first thing to consider is the type of towel hang you are most comfortable with. What is effortless for you. Do you prefer to just quickly hang up your towel on a hook and not have to fuss with folding or do you like the neatness of folded towels on bars. You’ll want to choose a style that fits your overall space and design too. And what material do you pick? They all come in a wide range of materials and finishes today, high end metals to plastic and wooden materials that add a rustic charm.

Here are 6 of the most popular ways to hang your towels:



They take less space on your walls, are easier for kids and don’t require towel folding. However they can look sloppier to some and towels may not dry completely.





Photo Credit: Pottery Barn



Your towels dry better when spread out and they stay put. Bars give towels a neater look. You do need to put extra effort into folding your towels to hang and will need plenty of horizontal space on the wall where it is going to hang.






Like hooks these re great for tighter spaces and require minimal folding. Rings are the preferred choice for smaller hand towels and are often seen in powder rooms.






Photo Credit: Crate and Barrel



Wall mounted and free standing towel racks are elegant and simple. They provide versatility and they can be easily moved. You’ll want to bbq sure free standing racks stand firm and are sturdy.





Photo Credit: ATG Stores



These wonderful racks are also available in wall mount or free standing versions. Choose the best for you space layout and personal preference. If you want to be able to move it, possibly even room to room, opt for the free standing models. Warm towels are the biggest plus of these. The bars do get warm so watch your kids around them.







Make a statement with unique, one of a kind wall hooks. They can transform the way your bathroom looks. Creative hooks can seem like a minor additions to your bathroom decor but they can really help pull your room style and theme together perfectly.




When choosing your ideal towel hanger keep in mind how many people will be using that bathroom. Allow for hanging two towels per person. With so many options today it can be an overwhelming decision on which type to get. The beautiful thing is your towel accessory is just that…an accessory. So have fun adorning your bathroom with these functional items and don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.

Happy Hanging,
Denise Teichert Krogman, Allied ASID



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