Tuscan Old World Hallway


As a new build, especially one this size, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options. Melissa and our team did a fabulous job infusing a few design styles into one look that came together exquisitely. Added to the mix of styles we threw in a few conversational design elements that you will find in no other. The overall look is a combination of Old World/Tuscan/Mediterranean. Comfortable and broken in; where distressed meets polished. A touch of rustic flair with a taste of Spanish modern, this home is bold simplicity with a variety of textural contrasts. A refreshingly unpretentious style that is easy to live with, an extremely inviting home.

We enhanced this elegant shelter by applying paint imaginatively. Our team of artist’s engaged us by executing a variety of methods and approaches, giving aesthetic sensibility to the fine art of painting. Our decorative artists created sophisticated embellishments and architectural illusions through the use of layered plasters, metallic glazes, stencils, murals and Tromp L’ oeil.

The rooms of this home are beautifully proportioned and the size and layout of the architectural features, especially the cantera carved stone moldings and the fireplaces, have all been carefully calculated to create a sense of harmony, balance and intrigue. The floors are also an integral part of this old world style home. We have a rich combination of stone, chocolate carpet and dark bamboo. The lighting was chosen carefully as it is very important because it has to perform so many functions. You will find an array of spectacular chandeliers to simple wall sconces and pendants. Wood blinds and ornate iron-like tableaux’s enhance the windows simplicity and custom flair. Elegance and warmth through fire features has been added to poolside creating an inviting ambience outdoors while the latest in audio/video complete this homes entertainment needs both indoors and out.