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One of the most popular basement renovations these days is turning a portion of the space into a home theater. It gives homeowners the ability to utilize a room that is separate from the rest of the house enabling them to project sound and visual without disturbing what is going on in the rest of the household. For those without basements, this same result can be achieved by adding rooms or simply using spare rooms to create entertainment sanctuaries.

This particular basement living space needed precision craftsmanship and a bold and daring design vision in order to transform a families desire to “have it all” in a quaint, yet small, area of their home. With the addition of an entertainer’s home theater, this room transformed beautifully as space was also created to include a pool table and bar. Every square inch of this 25 x 31 s.f. room had to be used to its fullest potential. And that wasn’t the only challenge! The mechanical limitations of a traditional basement and a big need for ventilation in this 12 ft underground environment posed some interesting challenges for our team. In order to fit a lot of design elements into a very small space and creatively master mechanical and structural changes you HAVE to have a master plan. Bringing this vision to fruition took precision, accuracy, a few rough sketches, detailed renderings and computer imaging. All of which gave the homeowners peace of mind by visually being able to see just how their ordinary basement would be dramatically transformed into their extraordinary getaway.

The combination of the latest technology and innovative design makes this home theater a comfortable, functional piece of art. Add to that a “designer’s touch” and what you get is a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Complete with stylish theater seating, which certainly is a fabulous replacement to the standard sofa that often furnished our TV rooms of the past. Exquisite handcrafted cabinetry, wainscot and crown molding added the richness and warmth that is generally expected in our home theaters. But what truly made this design stand out from all the rest was its bold use of color. Usually subdued, this home theaters fabrics, wall color and furnishing are anything but! A variety of greens used in this décor give off an inspirational balance of calmness yet fun, classy yet edgy, sophisticated yet whimsical. The custom window coverings are both functional and decorative and paying attention to detail by choosing the perfect accessories helped turn this project into a designers showcase!

No longer just “the basement”, what exists now is an entertainment Mecca! A full audio/visual theater complete with movie screen, 2 rows of inviting seating, a full bar, pool table and personal popcorn machine! Accidental brilliance or pure luck? We like to refer to it as calculated genius…by design…otherwise known as perfect master planning. This home theater and entertainment area became a staged extravagance. The dramatic presentation and use of the space turned this basement living area into a true Theatrical Experience!



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