Tasty Transformation Kitchen


Traditional to contemporary, here is another example of how the footprint of a kitchen can stay in place and with the help of a creative design team a complete transformation, functionally AND aesthetically, can take place. A new appliance package certainly helped to bring contemporary beauty and superb performance to this kitchen. A glass island that not only is larger than the original to support this growing family’s needs also serves as a stunning piece of art. Coupled with a heavier, stronger concrete counter, this became the richest material combination I have seen in a kitchen yet. Exquisite cabinetry also helped to make this kitchen stand out as a custom masterpiece. Top that with a tranquil glass backsplash, that has the feel of a waterfall, and add the calmness of a monochromatic color scheme, this kitchen has become the family’s nucleus by choice. Truly a unique combination of design elements!