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Modern Flames

This contemporary home accessory is sure to be one of the most eye catching features in your home. I absolutely love this! It’s instant ambiance! And yes, it’s easy to use, which is just one of the reasons I recommend it. You simply plug in the “picture frame with a […]

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To Cover or Not to Cover?

It’s time to open those shades (or blinds, shutters, louvers & panels) to let the Arizona sun shine in. Please…do it while you can because in a few short weeks we’ll be doing everything we can to keep that warm sunshine OUT! As the world outside turns beautifully warm, I’d […]

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Elica Stovetop Hoods

I look forward every month to bringing you an innovative and unique product that is a must see, must have. This month I am featuring a little Home “Bling” Elica Hoods have magically created a collection of range hoods that have every bit of personality, style, elegance, quality and performance. […]

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