Author: Denise Teichert Krogman, Allied ASID

To Cover or Not to Cover?

It’s time to open those shades (or blinds, shutters, louvers & panels) to let the Arizona sun shine in. Please…do it while you can because in a few short weeks we’ll be doing everything we can to keep that warm sunshine OUT! As the world outside turns beautifully warm, I’d […]

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Elica Stovetop Hoods

I look forward every month to bringing you an innovative and unique product that is a must see, must have. This month I am featuring a little Home “Bling” Elica Hoods have magically created a collection of range hoods that have every bit of personality, style, elegance, quality and performance. […]

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Creating a Romantic Bedroom

If you have romantic decorating ideas dying to come out, a great place to start is in the boudoir. Romantic bedroom decorating is not difficult. It does require a bit of effort and thought however to create a cozy elegance. Your bedroom reflects your personality as much as your cologne […]

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Color and Interiors

I’d like to inspire you to view your home as more than mere protection from the elements and encourage you to view ordinary living space in new, innovative and creative ways. Let’s say you are having company. Better yet, let’s assume you are “expecting” yourself. The place is clean and […]

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reDesign: The Art of Transformation

A time when many are looking at making changes in their lives, perhaps reinventing their style, creating new looks for themselves and their homes. We are all watching our spending habits in this economy however so the thought of introducing a new you and bringing out your lifestyle personality through […]

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2011 Design Trends

Although we are seeing more contemporary and modern style renovations, warming up the house remains to be a strong request and 2011 trends are bringing us an “earthiness meets modern” feel. Not Rustic…more Mediterranean or better described as Spanish Modern. The trend is towards warm colors with a broken in […]

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Mediterranean Style

Modern design is becoming more popular in our home décor today. Achieving that look in our existing Southwest architecture is not always easy to do. However, Spanish Modern, often referred to as Mediterranean, is an ideal design style for our Southwest homes. These two styles work beautifully together. Mediterranean construction […]

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Arizona Destinations

Arizona has a lot to offer in new housing design and fabulous culinary experiences. Our team took a little road trip up north to visit Sedona, Flagstaff and historical Jerome! We had the opportunity to explore the comforts of both beauty and bounty in this wonderful region we call home. […]

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Theatrical Experience

One of the most popular basement renovations these days is turning a portion of the space into a home theater. It gives homeowners the ability to utilize a room that is separate from the rest of the house enabling them to project sound and visual without disturbing what is going […]

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Desert Rose

It’s not often I have the opportunity to write about a new home build that evolved simply from left over windows. Actually, I believe this is a first for me. Not only is this an amazing story on how this home came to fruition but the home itself is truly […]

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