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Camerone Parker McCullough

High Rise High Fashion…Welcome to Camerone’s Closet

High Rise High Fashion…Welcome to Camerone’s Closet

When designing a closet for a model, philanthropist, and fashionista, the organization aspect is not the only priority. As it shouldn’t be for any closet design. Many people think a closet design is more about function than fashion and often these areas of the home are all but forgotten. I disagree with leaving out the closet in your home design because we all love beauty surrounding us and we also want to feel comfortable and engulfed in our style throughout every room and every corner of the home.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, Fashion has to do with ideas,
The way we live, What’s Happening.”

— Coco Chanel

I talked about fashion inspired interiors being in abundance in our summer 2019 newsletter when we first featured this High Rise, High Fashion closet. Furniture designers are continually looking to fashion and global culture for inspiration. As an Interior Designer, it’s my passion to bring your exquisite style into your home settings regardless of the inspiration for the space. I strive to find the best craftspeople and unique introductions for all of my clients. Luckily with fashion-inspired interiors in abundance, there are many connections for my design-focused clients.

When our friend and client Camerone Parker McCullough, began her dream design for a closet to house her most prized fashion pieces from modeling and philanthropic events, I knew we were in for a treat.  We designed this entire fashion-inspired penthouse home which included incorporating a serpentine double-sided sofa to mimic the curved walls and fill a grandiose space. From vintage brooches to awards and ball gowns, we had plenty of fashion inspiration to contribute to this high design closet project as well.

This closet accommodates an extensive high fashion wardrobe including gowns designed for Cameron’s red carpet appearances. It’s as beautiful as the clothes, shoes, and accessories it houses.

The draperies were designed to mimic ballgowns and the tie back represents a corset. We used authentic diamond Chanel brooches from Camerone’s stunning personal collection.

The Bench seating was custom designed and constructed of bright fuchsia hair on hide, tufted with rhinestones, and crystal nail heads.

This was one design project where bling was mandatory.

From an organizational perspective, the functionality was critical. This closet includes a handcrafted island of jewelry drawers and 6 clothing drawers and is end-capped with one of the two benches that cover open storage boxes.

Her exquisite shoe collection also deserved two handcrafted, lighted shelving units that run floor to ceiling to properly display them. One of these sits adjacent to the reading nook bench placed under the window overlooking stunning mountain views and breathtaking sunsets.

An original vintage shoe store ladder from Chicago was incorporated into the design. Her husband Robert not only hand-painted it, he also mitered the railing so it can be used all the way around the space!

The uniqueness of this closet design earned the eye of local media. Phoenix’s own media personality, Syleste Rodriguez, covered Camerone and her closet in one of their Cool House features. Take a look for not only some great coverage of the full closet design but also some interesting facts and history about our fantastic client.

Whether you are in need of a high fashion or a high function design project for your home, we’d love to help out.

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