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Bathroom Mirror on the Wall… Which is the Most Stylish One of All?

Bathroom Mirror on the Wall….

Which is the Most Stylish One of All?

Bathroom_Mirror_Blog_PostThere are unlimited ideas when it comes to decorating our bathrooms. Why not start with a bathroom mirror! We start and end our days in our bathrooms, most likely looking at ourselves in the mirror. Our decorating style is a reflection of our personalities. Your bathroom mirror can be as unique as you are. Sure they are functional. Besides the obvious, for personal use, they create a feeling of expanded spaces, offer a reflection of light and serve as a decorative accessory to our bathroom designs.

When it comes to selecting bathroom mirrors we have an immense amount of options available for us to choose from. It can sometimes be overwhelming when starting the process of selecting a mirror. Consider the following when choosing your perfect mirror:

  1. Size needed for the space.
  2. Shape and Style desired.
  3. Color theme of room.




Consider the size of your room and space available on the wall which the mirror will be hung. This is where balance and proportion come in. Also consider whether you’d like to cover most of the wall or do you have a beautiful paint color, wall finish or wallpaper you’d rather compliment and not hide. If you have double sinks you can opt for multiple mirrors spaced evenly over your vanity or a single larger mirror to fill the space. Who is using the mirror? If a taller person is needing to groom in this bathroom you may want to go with a larger choice.





Rectangle, square, round, oval or uniquely irregular? The shape of the mirror will aid in creating a distinctive style and personality of your bathroom design. We often use round shapes to soften a space. Rectangular and square shapes are great for Modern and Contemporary designs, although work quite nicely with Traditional and Transitional styles as well. When choosing the shape of your mirror keep in mind the overall room design. Mirrors in unique shapes can become statement pieces and be the “wow” accessory in your bathroom. When creating a specific style, your mirror will help pull it all together.




Mirrors come in every color and finish imaginable. From clean, classic wood in stains and paint colors to match your vanity cabinets to bright metallics and heavy metals. The finish you choose is also important. Is your bathroom casual and rustic? Wood or iron framed mirrors would be a great choice! Formal? Consider a gold or champagne finish to add warmth and elegance. If you are looking to add whimsey, brightly painted frames can bring color and personality to the room. And remember, it’s ok to mix your metals. Gold, silver, copper and bonze all play nicely together in todays designs. If you are looking for a clean and simple look, have a mirror custom made to match your vanity cabinet wood species and finish.

The mirror you choose should be a reflection of your bathroom design and your personality. A statement pieces that welcomes your overall image. It is important that the size is proportionate to the space and the color brings out the feel and personality you are wanting to convey. You will look at it and into it each and every day…so love your mirror, love your style!



Happy Decorating!
Denise Teichert Krogman, Allied ASID



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