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Picture Perfect: Window Replacement – An Opportunity for Creativity

Picture Perfect

Window Replacement: An Opportunity for Creativity


Whether I am working with my clients on a simple update or on a complete remodel project, I like to introduce to them a realm of possibilities. One possibility I create is to replace existing windows and/or doors. This allows me to bring not only the obvious, energy efficiency, but an opportunity to create a whole new aethstetically appealing environment…a chance to think outside the box in the world of home improvements.


Homes that are well kept on the inside can create an appearance of being worn if their windows appear old and in need of repair. Replacing windows can not only transform a single room but recreate an overall feeling of your entire house. With a wide selection of colors and hardware available, you can actually turn your windows and doors into a home decor…INSPIRATION. Replacing existing sliding doors with frenchwood hinged doors or a frenchwood gliding door is a wonderful way to take your room from ordinary to extraordinary! And check out the possibility of replacing an existing window with a bow or bay window.


New windows offer one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement. No other home improvement project immediately starts to pay for themselves the way window replacement can. A great benefit offered with window replacement is easy cleaning. Many models feature a Tilt-In technology, allowing you to wash your exterior glass safely from inside your home. And let’s not forget about security. Interlocking sashes and double throw locks are just a couple of safety options to check out.


Okay, you decide you need window replacements (and you blame me for putting the idea in your head…but that’s alright, it’s what I do). Big question is where can you find the best selection AND someone to install them? You’ll want a company experienced and respected in the industry. With so many choices on the market it would be worth your time, and a few dollars, to have a professional take a look at your home and tell you what type of window works best for your home and your geographic area.


I encourage you to bring the beauty of the outdoors in…keep the heat out…and upgrade your view of the incredible community you call home!