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Decorative Accessories are our home Bling. I spend a lot of my design time searching for the perfect pieces to fit my clients homes and personalities. Often times we we have unusual spaces to fill so are looking for items based on size. Other times we need to bring color to our designs, or perhaps we are carrying out a theme for the room and are looking for a very specific piece. And sometimes it’s all about falling in love with a home accessory and you will find a spot for it no matter what. Whatever the reason, season or design plan…we love to accessorize!


One of my favorite “timeless” home accessories are Clocks! You can have one in every room, in any style and in a variety of sizes and colors. There are desk clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks, shelf clocks, grandfather clocks, contemporary clocks, and even furniture made out of clocks.

Custom Timepieces are a great Home Accessory. Consider one of these functional pieces of art for your next room design. I’ve showcased a few best sellers but keep in mind any clock you desire…shape, size, color…can be custom made or found in stores or online to perfectly fit your style and room.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day and you can display each one Tastefully! Clocks are sure to stand the test of TIME! Be sure to include them in your next home design project.







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