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How to Decorate Your Car

That’s right…your CAR! Like many others, I spend more time in my car than at home. It’s my transportation sure, but it’s also often my office, showroom, phone conferencing center and restaurant. It’s one of my “living spaces.” So of course I want it to look and feel good. Besides the fact there are a few wood and granite samples sliding around my cargo space and a water bottle graveyard on the backseat floor, I try to keep the rest of it fairly organized and, well…pretty.

O ur very creative publisher suggested I write about interior decorating tips for the interiors of our cars. She said to me, “You design right? So you can design and decorate anything, right?” There is truth to that. However it’s also true that I have never been hired to decorate the interior of anyone’s vehicle. But I thought hey, why not?

We are what we drive right? As I started my vehicle design research, I was amazed at all the cool things there are out there for our cars interiors. And as I got more into it I realized there are a lot of similarities in designing your home space and your car space. I found awesome floor, seat and window coverings and tons of hip and functional accessories I wanted to share with you. Do something fun this summer! Decorate your vehicle and bring out your personality. No matter where you drive to, you’ll be going in style!

 A few Vehicle Design ideas…

  1. Fabulous Floor Coverings ~ Mats are universal and provide an easy way to upgrade & update.
  2. Sweet Seat Covers ~ They come in so many innovative fabrics and designs. A fun and practical way to express yourself and protect your interiors!
  3.  Adorable Accessories ~ Sassy wheel covers, awesome for protecting your hands from the heat. License plate frames…Ladies! There is a Swarovski Chrystal Rhinestone Series! Ceramic car coasters add a personal touch and they soak up the drips from sweating cups. Sun shades are wanted, needed and respected in Arizona and there’s one for every personality out there!
  4. Car Organizers ~ No More Junk In The Trunk! There is a huge variety out there to fit your needs! Check them out!

OH…and don’t forget the fuzzy dice!

As featured on Tukee AZ, Ahwatukee’s Lifestyle Magazine



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