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To Cover or Not to Cover?

It’s time to open those shades (or blinds, shutters, louvers & panels) to let the Arizona sun shine in. Please…do it while you can because in a few short weeks we’ll be doing everything we can to keep that warm sunshine OUT! As the world outside turns beautifully warm, I’d like to encourage you to make your home more beautiful too, by creating stylish spaces through window decorating.

To cover or not to cover? True, a window can be decoration on its own. Or, it can be covered in a heavy fabric or be the simple chic of a lightweight sheer. When creating your sense of style through the world of window coverings there are several things to consider: Privacy, Light Control, Insulation and Personal Style.

There is a definite trend from new home sales to remodels and with that comes a big increase in decorative fabrics. Also we are seeing a concern in energy efficiency. I recently was told by my blind guy (aka Brad Beeler of Blind Source) that what’s selling more now are the blackout or room darkening shades. They have become so popular because they are an inexpensive way to blackout a movie room or bedroom and offer cost savings through their energy efficiency. While deciding upon the right treatment for your windows can be an overwhelming process, choosing quality brand name products through knowledgeable people can make your shopping experience creative and pleasant. Here are a few frequently asked questions/concerns that may have surfaced for you in your journey of window design along with helpful thoughts and suggestions.

I am not a big fan of vertical blinds. What should I do with my sliding glass patio doors?
Splitting shades into the number of panels of glass you have is one suggestion. That enables you to raise one panel at a time.

What should I use for my French doors?
A product that can be attached at the bottom portion of the door is recommended as well as a treatment that stays close to the door itself. A good suggestion is designer roller shades because they lie flat against the door and pass by the handle easily. Silhouette window shading is also recommended because it retracts all the way into its own headrail allowing openness or privacy.

I have an arch window above my doorway. I don’t know what to do with it.
You have several options for these unusually shaped windows. Wood shutters can add elegance and completeness to this area or you can opt for an easy view arch shade that stacks at the bottom and can be raised for an unobstructed view. Another exciting suggestion used purely for decorative purposes is to insert a custom Tableaux motif. They have the look of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost and can be customized to fit any shape or size. Tableaux’s also make beautiful wall decorations for those hard to decorate wall spaces!

I have narrow windows on either side of my front door and would like a window covering that maintains my view but also provides privacy (especially at night).
There are several options. Honeycomb shades, horizontal wood or aluminum blinds or shutters. But also consider silhouette window shadings which are fabric vanes suspended between sheer fabric casings allowing you to tilt them to control privacy and views.

I have toddlers. What lifting systems are available that will keep the cords out of their reach?
Ultraglide – A single retractable cord that remains at the same length whether raised or lowered. Another recommendation is Literise – a touch system allowing you to raise or lower with a single touch.

What’s the difference between “custom” shutters and “customized” shutters?
Custom shutters are built to exact specifications of your windows where customized are off the shelf, cut to fit your windows.

Window treatments can be one of the most dramatic differences you make in a room. Choosing the right type involves thinking through your needs such as light control, energy efficiency, decoration, privacy and the complete feel of your home. If you are tired of having your windows look like everyone else’s or simply are ready for a change, it’s time to take that extra step.

Window treatments are a great way to add flair and excitement to your home décor. So, go ahead, let the sun shine in…or NOT. Whichever way you choose, I am certain you will bring luxury and personality to your home.