Mediterranean Style

Modern design is becoming more popular in our home décor today. Achieving that look in our existing Southwest architecture is not always easy to do. However, Spanish Modern, often referred to as Mediterranean, is an ideal design style for our Southwest homes. These two styles work beautifully together. Mediterranean construction materials have been Southwest basics for years…stucco, stone, terra cotta roofing tiles. If you’re looking for an easy way to transition your home into a sanctuary of modern flair, Mediterranean design may be perfect for you. It’s a refreshing, unpretentious style that is warm and friendly, comfortable and inviting. This look can take on a contemporary feel with its bold simplicity and uncluttered lifestyle. Here are a few simple guidelines to achieve this “distressed meets polished” look.

Think Texture…Color…Theme.

Combine soft colors with vibrant accent colors.

Introduce rich textures and patterns through artwork, wall hangings, runners.

When creating a Modern Spanish theme acquire artwork with subjects of wine and vineyards, European landscapes, architectural themes or rugged coastlines. Keep in mind art becomes more distinct with size and contrast of light and dark.

Incorporate interesting iron and distinctive lighting.

Choose hard flooring over carpet.

Furniture should be simple and uncluttered.

Whether your Mediterranean style is Spanish, Mexican or Italian, a modern feel is easy to achieve. Simply functional or extremely formal, creating an artistic modern living space using innovative Mediterranean elements will help make your design transition manageable and enjoyable.



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